Monday, April 09, 2007

New Endeavors

I plan to branch out into some new territory in the coming months, and I'm quite excited about it.

After I finish my current tour of the southeast, I'll be taking three months off from touring to write the new book. This is a HUGE deal for me, because, as I recently realized, I haven't been in the same place for more than a month in over seven years. Since I became a full-time musician, my life has been wrapped up in touring, and it's really time for me to be more balanced. I desperately need this.

There are a few dates that I had committed to before I made this decision, so I will keep those on my calendar, but I'll be home for the greater portion of May, June, and July.

However, just because I'm taking time off from touring does not mean that I'm taking time "off." I'll still be working daily on the book and on bookings for the fall tour. In the meantime, I'm trying really hard to motivate myself toward asking for financial supporters. This is something God has been dealing with me about for nearly three years now, and I haven't been able to summon the humility to do it. I'll explain all that in another post soon.

The other thing is this: Have I mentioned that I'm overwhelmed with love for New York City? Perhaps you've noticed. This past week, I was asked to film a spot for the Fine Living network's show called "We Live Here." I took the cameras around NYC and acted as a narrator and tour guide, showing off a handful of my favorite spots. It was such a great time. I'm not sure yet when it will air, but I'll keep you posted.

Ultimately, what that last experience provided was an opportunity for all of my friends to say (nearly in unison), "You should totally do that on the side!" They weren't referring to TV so much as to giving tours of NYC. My heart leaps at the thought, honestly. Could I really do that? Time will tell.

I've made some initial steps toward it and the prospects look good. I also bought In NYC, SoHo is a neighborhood that lies just south of Houston Street, and its name is derived from its location: South of Houston. However, for my own purposes, the name will also stand for Southern Hospitality. Naturally, I'll give tours to anyone, but I'm especially excited about the opportunities to show around tourists from below the Mason-Dixon Line.

There are few things I love more than helping people fall in love with NYC and helping to leave tourists with a positive impression. I love stopping to talk to people who are standing around with a map, trying desperately to navigate the streets or the trains. I love bragging on the great food and fashion finds that I come across. I love the history and diversity of the City. And being able to help out travelers by putting all this stuff to use seems wonderful! I'll keep you posted!

Oh, and if you happen to be stopping by NYC sometime soon, contact me at: (The site isn't developed yet, but the email works.)

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Lindsay said...

tara leigh, you rock so hard it's almost criminal.

you rock so hard I need earplugs.
you rock so hard I wear a hard hat.
and you rock so hard you're a diamond.)

hahahahaha. super cheesy, but super TRUE! I can't wait to see you in may! :-)