Thursday, March 01, 2007

Things That Made Me Smile Today

* Shuffling into a Gabe Dixon song on my iPod

* Finding a cool restaurant on 1st Ave that I'd never noticed

* Booking shows with old friends / promoters

* My favorite skirt

* My upstairs neighbor's new means of communication with me: stomping on the floor and screaming my name to let me know he sent me an email

* Getting a deal on whole bean hazelnut coffee at Food Emporium

* Other people smiling

* Seeing a great-looking guy stare adoringly at his not-so-hot girlfriend.

* Subsequently thinking, "That guy is The MAN!"

* My new perfume

* Making friends at a new Bible study

* The voicemail that Tec left me

* Double Letter Week on Conan O'Brien


Lindsay said...

1. a cool restaurant on the EAST side? never!

2. what kinda pefume did you get?

3. you left off CB. and lindsay joiner.

TLC said...

1. That. Was. Awesome. Hah! Yes, there actually are tons of great places on the East Side. Some people will never know the glory.

2. D&G

3. You're right. I just thought it was a given!

4. I also forgot: People bundled up in 30-degree weather, eating Tasti D Lite on the street.

Lindsay said...

they can eat tasty d-lite because its chemical compound makes it impervious to extreme temperatures... like vodka.... hahaha. that explains SO much.

dkht said...

I was recently introduced to Gabe Dixon's stuff...good times indeed!