Sunday, March 18, 2007

Photo Contest Winners (new)!

So... the photo contest was incredible. I'm definitely going to do something like that again in the future, so stay tuned!

The GRAND PRIZE WINNER of the autographed copy of my new book and CD combo Here's To Hindsight is:
Jennifer Nicole Scott - for her lovely photo of Joel Osteen and a $20 bill, both bearing googly eyes.

In a last-minute surprise, I've also decided to award an HONORABLE MENTION prize of an autographed CD to:
Teege05 - for the photo that looks like a character from Sesame Street (somebody help me out -- which one?).

The two of you should contact me through Flickr (so that I know it's really you) and tell me where I should mail your prizes! Thanks to everyone who participated. There'll be more opportunities to win coming up soon. I am enjoying this. :) `


split ends said...

Oh, shit. That was on my meant-to-do list. I guess that's okay, though, as I own those super-awesome prizes already, and I can just make my googly-eyed pictures for the pure love of the art.

jcdc said...

oscar the grouch! he was my favorite!