Tuesday, February 27, 2007


August and I went for sushi on Saturday night...

...then on Sunday night, it snowed! What a great weekend!

Whee! Snow! At night! Before people walk on it!

For the record, I hated snow before I moved here. What changed? No clue. But I really like that life doesn't screech to a halt whenever it snows here. Last year during the big blizzard (27 inches in 24 hours), people pulled out their cross-country skis to go to the grocery store. Awesome.


Lindsay said...

information. over. LOAD! wow. that was a lot of pictures! ahhh, sweet satisfaction! now, i will attempt to comment on all of them:
1. yay for cruise. monkeys?
2. taking pictures inside new york state theatre (ballet) is ILLEGAL! i will turn you in for that and your rock stealing ways. you inconsiderate american.
3. glad my mittenlets could keep lee's ears warm. wow! he DOES look like chris martin! did anyone think he was him in NYC?
4. yay for snow! and CB!! and subways on time!!! and pictuuuurrreeesss!!!! (thump)- lindsay passes out from the sheer excitement of it all. good blog, man. good blog.

TLC said...

Um... Lindsay, aren't you the person who used to sneak into the NYC Ballet like, every other day? Hah! :)

And if that weren't enough for me to report you, then well, I should make you aware of our comment policy here at HTH: It is illegal to post comments about a blog on ANOTHER blog. Sheesh.

Kidding. I love you!

Lee McD said...

the midas touch is gone. i have missed every subway since i got back to anderson. ummm.... wait a minute.

mittenlets is my favorite new word.

split ends said...

I love the snow pics. I got "Manhattan" from Netflix last night. I can't wait to watch it and lust for NYC once again. These pics got me excited to get excited.

TLC said...

Beth, you really should point your RSS feeder to:


His photos are way better than mine, and he has really thorough information on each photo, as well. Great stuff!