Saturday, February 03, 2007

Six Weird Things About Me - EDIT

While talking with Beth and Lindsay, I learned that my initial attempt at this was insufficient. You wrote it too late at night, they said. After about 5 seconds of deep thought, they were each able to help me realize one more weird thing. So I am deleting two of my prior weird things (hyper-hydration, hyper-selectiveness of entertainment), and replacing them with their suggestions:

1. Some people are attracted to nice eyes. Others are drawn to those with a great smile. Me? I like guys with big thighs. Granted, I've also been fond of guys with skinny thighs, medium-sized thighs, etc. But this is starting to get awkward, so...

2. I have synesthesia. It's the involuntary overlapping of the senses. I have a mild form of the "sounds / colors" variation, which causes sounds to be translated into colors and textures.

There. Happy now, ladies?


split ends said...

Ah, I approve!

Also, I finally put up my weird-things post. I outed you on your gravitermophobia. Hope that's okay!

Happy Saturday!

DrDennis said...

So, which sounds better? Yellow or blue?