Friday, February 02, 2007

Short Stay

Amanda and I went to lunch at Cosi (the staff assures me it's "co-see" not "co-zee"). Then we went to get samples at Kiehl's. I took this shot of her on 3rd Ave. She's so pretty. (NYC)

There were a series of Reunion Dinners. This is a shot of August at Elephant & Castle. He's so pretty. (NYC)

Goodbye, NYC. Goodbye, cheerful-looking chairs at Cafe Deville. I'll see you soon. (NYC)

After driving 17 hours, I finally made it to the venue in Florida. They were so nice to me tonight! Welcome to the Green Room. (Middleburg, FL)


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louise said...

When my church has conferences over here in Australia (Planetshakers)... If there is one thing we LOVE to do , it's to bless the preachers with an incredible VIP room and incredible food!!!!! :)