Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Why My Favorite Shows Have Always Been Cancelled

1. Teenagers only cared about what happened between Angela and Jordan Catalano, but there was all this other “parent” stuff which turned the kids off. Meanwhile, the parents were mildly intrigued, but the teenage scenes were far too angsty and/or bewildering. Essentially, they were alienating half of the audience part of the time and the other half the remainder of the time.

Problem: the show aimed at two targets and missed both.
Solution: It could’ve survived in a 30-minute slot, edited down to the teenage scenes.

2. Everyone heard about how funny the Bluth family was, but they didn’t hear about it until halfway through the first season, which was far too late to get in on the cumulative jokes. To fully enjoy the show, you have to start at Season 1, Episode 1, and go in exact order.

Problem: the show outsmarted itself.
Solution: It could’ve survived if they’d run Season 1 over again before starting Season 2.

3. Kim Catrall.

Problem: Kim Catrall.
Solution: Clone her (although I'm not sure this is a good idea. In fact, I'm certain it's not.)


carrie*postma said...

TLC...Girl, you are too fun! It was so fun meeting you in person and getting to hear you perform live. I'm thankful Court introduced me to you and your music! I just started reading your book...awesome!
I will wear my "baby shirt" with pride!!!

split ends said...

You lost me at Kim Cattrall.