Friday, January 26, 2007

Q / A - Part 1

I get a lot of emails about the book, so I’ve decided to start posting some of the questions and answers here – paraphrased and anonymous when the sender requests it. In some cases, as in this one below, I’ve combined multiple emails into one. Send your questions to:

I read your book in about 2 days and I have been losing my mind since I finished it. The chapter “Faking Love” really got me – the part where one of your friends from the church approached you and told you she knew that everything in the Bible was true, but she just didn’t care. When I read that it really took my breath away because I’ve been feeling that way lately, and I don’t want to. Can you offer any advice?

I've been thinking about your email ever since you sent it... I keep praying for you and hoping to hear from you again. I know that I should've replied sooner, but I didn't really know what to say, honestly. I'm sure it must be incredibly difficult to be in the position you're in (assuming that nothing has changed). You asked if I had any thoughts on the matter, and I have a lot, so I’ll try to work them into something coherent:

I had another friend who, when she read about Emily, told me that she felt the same way. Her response was to really ask God to show her that He loved her and to open her eyes to be able to see it. I think a lot of people who feel that way probably have no idea how God feels about them -- something has made that part of their heart seal over to where they feel like they're just moving robotically through life, never really experiencing it anymore.

You may or may not feel this way -- I have no idea. But with my other friend, when she asked God to make her feel His love for her and to help her see it, something began to open. It wasn't that everything became easier for her automatically... in fact, I know that some things got tougher and she faced some opposition... but I think God's love started to pry things open in her heart again, little by little, until she could actually FEEL again.

And honestly, I think Satan's biggest tool in dragging people away from God is getting them so bruised and beaten up that they don't want to feel or they don't know how to anymore. Sin will bruise us, people will hurt us... life is abrasive. But if you can get to a place where you're open to God's love, then I think He will show it to you. And when you feel it again, I think it will unlock something inside of you.

Maybe none of this is helpful at all... I don't know. But I really hope you'll write me back… I'll keep praying for you.

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