Friday, January 19, 2007

Playing Catch-Up

I'm in room 211 at some hotel in Grants Pass, OR. The town motto is "It's the climate!" although I have no idea what that is supposed to mean.

According to the guy at the desk, Grants Pass has twice as many coffee shops per capita as the national average -- 1 shop for every 900 people, instead of 1:1,800. I've already checked, though: no real Starbucks.

This is the first time I've had reliable internet in nearly a decade, so I'm going to catch up on my Photo-A-Day. I'm missing 3 right now (Jan 6-8), but I'm going to add those later. I promise.

Come along on tour with me. I like to call this tour the So Cold Right Now Tour. You might remember that my summer tour with Josh Wilson was the So Hot Right Now Tour, wherein every single place we played exceeded 100-degree temperatures. Well, on this tour, I get to see things like Snow in L.A. and 26-degree temperatures in Phoenix. I've decided that my next tour is going to be called the So Rich Right Now Tour.

My friend Marcy almost cut her finger off, but at least she got a sticker.

Driving through Albuquerque (en route to Phoenix from Denver)

And then I hit Arizona...

...where I ran into my old friend Shannon at a show! We had lots of coffee afterward.

I woke up to this on Saturday morning in Gilbert, AZ. My friend Romi said that this guy does this every weekend. You can't quite see it, but there's a full bar setup in his garage.

This was backstage at the church I played at in Redlands, CA. I thought that blue wine was unusual.

Laguna Beach, CA. World's Narrowest Church.

When I was a kid, I didn't ask for puppies or kittens. No no, I begged my parents for a palm tree. We lived in Tennessee. They spent many years trying to explain why I couldn't just shine a lamp on one to keep it alive.

At Diedrich's Coffee in Laguna, my phone rang. It was my friend Benom, who lives in Florida. I was about to place my order, so I silenced my phone. He called again. I silenced it again. Then I heard my name. He was standing behind me. What are the chances?!?!

Driving from LA to Grants Pass, I saw this sign in northern California. They sure are proud of their bathrooms.

Some additional photos:

While I did start to develop some strong feelings for Amir during our 2,200 miles together... was Hamesh that won me over.

(And no, I'm not sure why the rental car companies like to give me blue cars exclusively.)

Hello, San Francisco, nice to see you, but I must be on my way!


Kyleen said...

Perhaps the rental car companies are under the impression that musicians like only blue cars. Oh, wait, I mean count only blue cars. And ask many questions, as children often do. Tell me all your thoughts on God . . .

Anonymous said...

Tara Leigh, I just need to tell you how much I love you and miss you! You are in my thoughts daily and seeing these pics just made me so happy for you to be out on the road sharing life--your life, God's life--with so many people out West. I hope that you're feeling much at home wherever you are, whenever you are there. looking forward to seeing you soon. . .last few days of january??

kristen w.

Anonymous said...

p.s. i've been thinking about doing the "Hallelujah" song that you medley with "Thy Word" for Paradox worship but i can't remember all the lyrics. if you have a minute, could you drop me a line with the lyrics (chords would be helpful too, but I think i can figure that out)?? thank you much!
kristen w.

split ends said...

palm trees??? you creep!

Carla said...

I was SO mad when I moved to Florida in 1988 and we did NOT have a palm tree in our yard. I wanted to move back to Alabama straight away.

It took 15 years, but I made it back.

mikehon said...

With all those blue cars, maybe you should work a Dishwalla cover into your set...

Lindsay said...

hey dude. glad to see you back in action (at least for today). The burning question on my mind is not so much why your rentals are blue, but rather why they are all middle-eastern...

Miriam said...

fabulous photos...especially the palm trees and crazy Eagles fan (i can relate!)