Monday, January 29, 2007

Missed it by that much...

It's my last night of this leg of the tour. 4 weeks out, 2.5 days at home, then nearly 3 more weeks out on the road.

Of all the amazing things I missed while I was gone, I am the most sad about missing the Idiotarod 2007. Next year, if at all possible, I will have my little cart, and 4 of my friends, and we will trek across Brooklyn together in strange, matching outfits.

The Cosbys

The Idiot A-Rods

The Noids


split ends said...

Is anyone going to help that last guy down??

Dennis said...

Guess what, TLC? I'm gonna see the original Iditarod start here in AK. Should be fun (and a little chilly).