Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I can't believe I'm missing this:
The Carts of Brooklyn Iditarod.

But I'm glad I"m missing this:
The Mysterious Gassy Smell

FYI for those reading the article above (the one about gas) -- there is an occasional hint of maple syrup that wafts through the air of NYC. Its locations are unpredictable and it knows no schedule. The origin of the Maple Syrup Smell has yet to be determined. And as far as I know, the same goes for the gassy smell.

Apparently this new smell is so bad that local news crews have attempted to capture it on video.


Kyleen said...

Did you know a few of our TVCers participated in the Idiotarod 2006?

Lindsay said...

dude, only in NYC. for reals. imagining the smell from here (non-smelly florida) it seems like the most bizarre thing ever... but imagining it like i was there... seems about par for the course. Ah, NYC... Your mysterious ways will never be exhausted!

Kym Rohman said...

idiotarod's the best - i had the pleasure of running into it last year documented on the PHOTO A DAY - WAHOO!

Miriam said...

soooo funny, i missed that one last year!!

split ends said...

Awesome. We should pencil that in for next year, at least as spectators.