Saturday, December 30, 2006

Pieces of the Week

1. I do not understand the FAA's "put your liquids/gels in a plastic bag" thing. If I were planning to make a bomb of those things, does the baggie render them useless? Does it become, upon passing through the X-ray machine, impenetrable? This is just plain weird. One security guard even told me that "the area beyond this checkpoint is sanitized." Right. I've been to your bathrooms. It sooo is not.

2. Someone threw up on my car. I had to park it in not-my-neighborhood after returning from the airport. The spot I found was outside a bar. I'm sure that didn't help. I just hope it rains soon.

3. I'm reading this book. It's kind of changing everything. You can get it for free here. Please do.

4. New "favorite thing in the world"? These mittenlets, a Christmas gift from Lindsay. Top four reasons why they are awesome: They are green. They are cashmere. She made them. I love her.

note: please forgive my nails... they're kind of gross from all the packing I've done today.

5. Danger is in town for the holidays. He just accepted a job in the sub-Amazonian jungles of Bolivia. He'll be cutting trails for hikers and plotting routes for climbers. So, for now, he has dreadlocks. How fitting! Also, he brought me this bracelet from Bolivia. The bird represents hope. Beautiful!

6. On Jan. 1, I am heading to ATL for Passion '07. Then I fly to Denver to begin the tour out west. Please come see me.


Lindsay said...

yay! there are my mittenlets. I'm so proud. by the way, i noticed that you have 4 whole days between your two shows in ocala and the cruise leaving from ft. lauderdale (or wherever) and you know what is in between ocala and ft. lauderdale? well, mostly anyway? yep, my house. you'd better not snub me. besides, i have a question to ask you.

Miriam said...

TLC, just read an article about your decision to move to NYC. i was so inspired because i went through the same process last year and ended up living in brooklyn for 6 months last fall. things kind of ended in disaster and i ended up moving back to virginia. funny, because i find myself back in the same situation again, as i am considering moving back up there for a teaching program. so, i found your article very close to home. did you attend the redeemer arts fellowship? are you familiar with IAM...(internatin arts movement) i went for a time while i was up there. i'd love to connect with you more as i consider relocating again. thanks for the inspiration--i love the union square steps and acqua di gio as well. can i recommend a few highlights of my own:
*rice to riches
* Max Brenner chocolate shop
*Cafe Borgio (prince st and west broadway-ish area--fabulous coffee)