Sunday, December 24, 2006

"It's Christmas time in the City..."

Today was monumental: I purchased my first Christmas ornament.

I haven't had a tree in all of my adult life, nor have I sent cards. I buy few presents, and I rarely bake for parties. Admittedly, I've been a bit of a Grinch. But something was different this year. I'm pretty sure that it's because of... well, you guessed it: New York City.

Tonight, I had a mission to find an ornament with My Boyfriend (the Chrysler Building) on it. There are lots with the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, but no Chrysler. I had an inkling that Macy's might deliver, being that it holds the title of "largest store in the world." But that meant I'd have to go headlong into Tourist-Ville.

I went in baby steps, stopping first at Union Square, which offered a great view of the Empire State Building and the Met Life Tower in full red-and-green glory.

Then I made my way through the Holiday Market, but not without picking up a sterling silver ring for $12.

Heading uptown, I made my way through the Union Square light display. Little snowflakes form around your body and follow you through. Pretty spiffy!

Then, off to Macy's!

Here are my top 3 pics for favorite window displays:

Actually, let's be honest. Those were just the 3 that I got the clearest shot of. Let's go inside, shall we?

Once inside, I asked where the Christmas section was, and the information lady told me it was on the 9th floor. The ninth floor??? Okay. Saddle up. Time to ride the super-cool old escalators!

The 9th floor held a lot of promise. Tons of ornaments. And this giant tree, cluttered with large ornaments of all variety of NYC paraphernalia. But sadly, there was no sign of a Chrysler ornament.

That's when I saw it. On the back, facing the wall, about a foot from the top and far beyond reach... the one remaining Chrysler ornament in all of Macy's. YES!!! I summoned an employee, and within 10 minutes, I had my first Christmas ornament in my adult life.

I was so happy that I decided to take My Boyfriend on a spin through some other sights in Midtown. We went to the Rockefeller Christmas Tree.

On the building behind the tree (the MetLife Building... not to be confused with the Met Life Tower shown above), there were falling snowflakes. You can't see them well in this shot, but trust me, they're pretty!

Here are some skaters who paid way too much to be there, and stood in line for way too long. So I hope they're having fun!!

Think I was lying about the wait? Here's the line:

And just behind all those wonderful people, you can see the light show on the Saks building on 5th Avenue. Here's a short video from YouTube. The light show is set to "Carol of the Bells."

I topped off the night with some Tasti D Lite and a viewing of The Holiday. I'm starting to like this Christmas thing. Who knew?


Carla said...

ahhhhhhhhhh tourists. Last night I was driving around in a convertible with the top down, relishing the fact that i could do this IN DECEMBER (while wearing a tube top, no less) and thinking how fun my Florida Christmas was.

Then I went to meet my family for dinner and was hit with the reality of living in a tourist-y town. I could not find parking (drove around for like 30-45 minutes) and was so frustrated with pedestrians that I considered taking out a few.

Ah well. Merry Christmas!

Warwick and Heather said...

If I wanted to send you and YourBoyfriend a card, what day would exactly be your anni?

TLC said...

Carla: Wheee! Merry Christmas to you too!!

Warwick: January 17 will be our 1-year anniversary. Exciting, no? :)

Lindsay said...

Hey! aren't those escalators so cool? I had to go up there once for shoes... i think it was like the 8th floor or something crazy. and the old escalators were my favorite part. and then i went to the very top to the food court and sat and had good soup. but that was the only time i've ever been to macy's either. hey, here's a question: aren't you going to have to get a tree now that you have an ornament? hmmm... oh yes, and see if you can take a picture rocking the mittenlets for me. :) adios!

jinsell said...

I got to experience the NYC Christmas also this year. We were there Dec 10-14th. It was pretty amazing! My wife's favorite place there was Rockefeller Center. (And we were one of those who paid too much to ice skate there too, $46 for both of us, yikes!)