Thursday, December 21, 2006

Something Old... Something New... Something Borrowed..

Today, after I finished up a long day of working on bookings and replying to emails, I had plans to meet up with my friend Robbie for dinner-ish. In keeping with my rule of never going to the same restaurant twice, I logged on to MenuPages and checked out places in my neighborhood that I hadn't visited.

We decided to hit up Tisserie in Union Square. I had the turkey and cheese quiche and Robbie had this amazing barbecue pizza, which he was kind enough to let me taste. He only ate about half of it, because he dances with the New York City Ballet and had to perform in The Nutcracker in just over an hour. Yikes!

Then we went to the Holiday Market in Union Square. They had some amazing smelling candles. This particular one ("Cut Spruce") was like having an entire forest in your nose!

We also had an interesting lesson in new insult terms.

I don't really think Robbie has a neckface... do you?

Then I got a call from my friend Shawn, who is one of the 27 people I know who are visiting NYC this month (no kidding). It was a fun surprise!

Shawn used to live here, so all the guys were happy to see him. (Josh, Seth, Shawn)

Then, Shawn and I caught the train to go visit Kimberly for her big birthday party tonight! The following pictures were NOT taken tonight, because my camera died. However, I want to keep you in the loop, so I am posting some old pics from when Kimberly, Adrienne, and I went to eat at NYC's new automat: BAMN!

What's an automat? It's like a room-sized vending machine with hot and fresh foods in the little slots. There's a guy cooking it in the back. Automats were pretty popular before the advent of the fast food restaurant. Then they all died. But now we have one again! Hooooray!!!

We had donuts. They were tasty.

Happy return to NYC, Shawn! Happy birthday, Kimberly!
Happy opening-a-few-months-ago, BAMN!


Lindsay said...

oh you are just killing me. tell the robster i said howdy. i'm super sad i was not there to partake in the fun. p.s. that pizza looked super-tasty!

Carla said...

Remember how the people at Bongo Java told you all your friends were beautiful?

You're about to hear it again.

Dude, Tara Leigh. All your friends are beautiful!

(As are you!)

Hope everything is great. I have a new goal in life ... to visit NYC roughly around May/June of 2007. I believe that's when the off-Broadway musical based on Patty's music (and starring Sutton Foster) will be opening. And I've been meaning to visit my sister forEVER. So you probably should be there then, too.

Merry Christmas and such. :)

alissa said...

you keep a blog! a real blog! we must meet up again sometime! you know, it was a year ago when you accidentally came to angela's new years' party. ah, what a year it's been. :)